No “Bones” about it

I’ll admit it.  I have watched the television series “Bones” since the beginning, and am going to be sad to see it go.  Along the way, it’s been  interesting to see all of the different characters views on life, work, family, etc. No one takes jobs as seriously as Bones and Booth!

In “The Radioactive Panthers in the Party”, (air date March 14, 2017), Bones asks Wendell, the intern, how he’d feel if he couldn’t work at the Jeffersonian anymore.  He replies that he’d be mad and confused.  Brennan says, “I couldn’t breathe if I didn’t do this anymore.”

It made me question how I’d feel if I couldn’t do my job anymore.  How would I feel?  What would I do?  More than that, I began to ask myself — what is my passion?  I know that’s a question that is asked often these days, but I mean my real passion, not some pat answer like, “I love working in local government.  I feel like I’m contributing and giving back to society through my work.”

On any given day, do I really feel like that? I don’t wake up each day, and think how lucky I am to have THIS job, and how excited I am about what the day might bring.  Don’t get me wrong.  I do like my job.  I’m just not passionate about it.

How many people actually work in their “dream job”?  I am in the job I considered to be my “dream job” at one time in my life.  I’ve been in it for almost six years.  It’s not the dream anymore.  I’ve achieved the goal.

I haven’t focused on my dreams in so long that I don’t know what they are.  I watched an episode of CBS Sunday Morning with Melinda Gates.  I told my husband that I would work for the Bill and Melinda  Gates Foundation any day.  They make a real difference in the world, and use data to evaluate needs and how to effectively deliver solutions.

Then it dawned on me.  My passion hasn’t changed.  I am still passionate about helping people.  As a person living in the world, I feel deeply passionate about helping others.  I work in a job that allows me to help government evolve, but my passion is my life outside of my job. My job affords me the ability to go help in times of great need – after Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy, collecting shoes for people in Haiti following an earthquake, and feeding the homeless at the local mission, among others.

Make no bones about it, my passion is my life.  It’s not what would make me stop breathing if I had to stop, but it is what keeps me breathing and sometimes takes my breath away, regardless of my job.

“Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate.”  -Jon Bon Jovi








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I'm a woman living a life I never expected, full of love, laughter, faith, fun and occasionally disappointment. I've suddenly found myself middle-aged and not sure how I got here!
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