Just Older

Being a Bon Jovi fan, I was thrilled when they released “Just Older” several years ago.  I felt like they were speaking directly to me.  I cranked up the radio volume and sang my heart out to it on the way to work this morning.

I like the bed I’m sleeping in
Just like me it’s broken in
It’s not old, just older
Like a favorite pair of torn blue jeans,
The skin I’m in is alright with me
It’s not old, just older.

That’s the thing about this age. I’m not old, but am certainly not young anymore! (And I’m certainly not aging as well as Jon Bon Jovi, but I can still appreciate the view at a concert with the girls half my age! And my husband doesn’t mind.)


About unexpectedmiddleage

I'm a woman living a life I never expected, full of love, laughter, faith, fun and occasionally disappointment. I've suddenly found myself middle-aged and not sure how I got here!
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One Response to Just Older

  1. loribeth says:

    Not familiar with that song… but love Jon. ; )

    My favourite is “Living on a Prayer” — especially the line “We’ve got each other and that’s a lot.” ; )

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