How Did I Get Here and Where Am I Headed?

It’s a funny thing when you realize one day that you’re really not young anymore. You’re not old, but definitely not young either. I looked at my face in the mirror one day and saw the beginning of crow’s feet and laugh lines, and the big old circles under my eyes couldn’t be covered as easily as before. I saw an aging, overweight woman that I didn’t know. How could that be me? I certainly didn’t ever imagine this as a young girl!

Those thoughts led me to ask, “If this is me, what’s next?”

I have a friend whose blog is Both of us are childless, not by choice. Sometimes, for us, it seems like our main road ended the day that the finality of not having children hit us. That has defined a good part of my adult life, and the friends becoming grandparents now brings on some unhappy twinges and “what if”s, but I’m not the young woman with that hope anymore. I am a woman with a chance to be happy and enjoy life in a different way.

I am truly blessed with a husband who is the eternal optimist, although I do try his patience in this area! He tries to keep my glass half full, and my feet on the ground. We are blessed with wonderful friends and good careers, and a love for travel and exploring new places, especially kitschy roadside attractions.

So, where AM I headed? I guess wherever I want to go.

To be continued…


About unexpectedmiddleage

I'm a woman living a life I never expected, full of love, laughter, faith, fun and occasionally disappointment. I've suddenly found myself middle-aged and not sure how I got here!
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One Response to How Did I Get Here and Where Am I Headed?

  1. loribeth says:

    It may be a road less travelled, but there is lots of great company along the way. ; ) So glad to see you blogging, my friend! ❤

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